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Our mission is to support youth with dynamic and positive alternatives to pop culture and media that support their emotional well-being and growth.

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PLEASE NOTE: The current initiatives and mission (as of October, 2015) are shifting to a new model- to impact and reach the hearts of ALL youth- not just those interested in the Performing Arts.  Please see the blog on the Home Page, NEW Youth Under Construction SCHOOLS PROGRAM Launching!” for more information about our current program goals. This page will be updated to reflect that, ASAP. We thank you for your patience…

A little “About Us”/ History- “Where we were”…

Our MISSION STATEMENT: To support youth with dynamic performing arts programs that promote positive behavior.

Youth Under Construction is a nationally recognized character education program that incorporates the performing arts and can be customized for various age groups and demographics.

The program was in development for over a decade when the youth-appropriate self-titled music CD was released in 2003. This CD has won 4 national top-level awards from parenting-related organizations and has been featured in publications nationwide, including Parenting magazine. The music emulates current pop culture, however, uses clean and positive lyrics and raps. The goal is to deliver character-building topics and messages that do not talk down or preach at youth, in a style they all can relate to and even adults can enjoy.

A performing group was formed that evolved into a dynamic stage show, chosen by the Mich. Humanities Council for their Touring Directory in 2006. Literally hundreds of thousands have seen the group live at festivals, school assemblies and special events or featured on TV news segments.

There are over 100 active youth on the performing roster. On the average, five youth at a time work as a group to deliver a positive musical message, statewide. In many instances, the group brings out their own sound, lights and special effects, emulating a concert-style presentation with an emcee that interacts with audiences, emphasizing the messages.

Finally, many ask how they can become involved. So, Show Zone, an after- or in-school program was developed. In about 2 months, after meeting once a week, youth interested in singing, dancing, rapping or learning how to work behind the scenes work together as a team to put on their own version of the Youth Under Construction production. This process has been analyzed and has proven to create a significant positive shift in desired attitudes in students, specifically, relating towards respect for one another and minimizing bullying, a national epidemic. As a 14 year-old recent graduate states: I don’t think about being in a gang anymore or doing violence. Now I just think about the group.

Expect many great and positive efforts from this group for years to come!


For more information, contact group director David Sawicki:

Phone: 619-732-6639

Email: Youthcd@gmail.com


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