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Develop Your “It” Factor


By David “Mello-D” Sawicki,
Director,Youth Under Construction


You hear it whenever an outstanding new performer or celebrity comes on the scene: “They have IT! They are going to be a star!” While “IT” is something difficult to describe, this can be very important for aspiring artists to understand and work to develop as they pursue their dreams.

Finding YOUR personal “IT” factor can be tricky. In fact, the more you try to develop “IT,” the more difficult it can
become to actually get “IT.”

Greg Dunmore, locally known artist manager  provides some great insights to this phenomenon. Mr. Dunmore states: “The “IT” factor is that indescribable something extra special that can‚t be put into mere words. “IT” is what “IT” is! Although you cannot really buy “IT”, you can develop other things that surround one’s “IT” factor. There are qualities that make your “IT” a real hit.”

A heartfelt smile, kind words of encouragement in lure of insults and that non-verbal eye contact that communicates respect for others whether they have “IT” or not.

Humility and civility help to make whatever your unique “IT” shine brighter. Oprah is a good example of an “IT” girl. Her generosity and humanity towards those less fortunate makes her “IT” factor not only sparkle, but it makes us more eager to applaud her ongoing accomplishments easily and without envy. Some words of advice: Don’t waste time trying to find your “IT” factor. Spend your energy on those precious qualities that will beautifully frame “IT”!

It needs to be said here: TALENT, developed and nurtured, in addition to a well-thought out plan, cannot be ignored. While some are born with the gift of singing or dancing, they still have to spend a great deal of time honing their craft and fine-tuning their stage presence.

What is “IT” that makes YOU STAND OUT?

I recall the night I observed Ms.Alicia Keys as she was being interviewed at the Grammys. I was captivated by her poise and self-assured persona in what appeared to be an unrehearsed segment. She displayed confidence “beyond her years,” as the saying goes. As the director of the Youth Under Construction project, we work hard to find that special “IT” in each and every one of the performers we work with and coach in our Show Zone performance course.

Finally, I want to state that not everyone needs to develop an “IT” factor. There are those that can pursue their dreams and creative expression for the pure enjoyment of it all. I hope these words will be an inspiration, not a source of discouragement, for anyone seeking to improve themselves in the performing arts or ANY personal goal you strive to achieve.

For me, just showing up everyday, and giving your best, is “IT.”

Confidence. Positive programming. Improved stage presence. Perfor-mance skills-building in a comfortable atmosphere. Youth Under Construction is currently enrolling students for the next
Show Zone course and other after school programming.

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