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NEW Youth Under Construction SCHOOLS PROGRAM Now Launching!

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DYNAMIC CHARACTER EDUCATION designed for students ages 7-13 (grades 3-8) offered at no-cost to 10 schools in the fall of 2015

What do you get when you combine the best of pop-culture and character education in a program whose components have won 5 National Top-Level Awards and created positive behavioral transformation in hundreds of youth?

It’s the “Youth Under Construction SCHOOLS PROGRAM”…

This “Musical Character Education Program” initiative (20 yrs. in development) engages the entire student body, in and out of school. We are seeking 10 schools- on a first-come basis- to pilot the program this fall. The program (valued at $2,500 per school) will be offered at no cost to them.


This Infographic demonstrates the dynamic components include with the program

This Infographic demonstrates the 8 dynamic components include with the program


This is THE ONLY program that uses the Award-Winning music, video & curriculum of the “Youth Under Construction” project. Students that experience the program:

• Enjoyed it and expressed that it “opened their eyes” and raised their self-awareness about issues that include respect & resilience (bullying), self-discipline, empathy and more.

• Shared that it inspired them to resist committing acts of violence and gang activity.


If your school, or one you know of could be a prospect for this opportunity, email us via the link below, or call 619-732-6639.

Email: Click here to E-mail us

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We are pleased to present the first “video version” of the complete “Youth Under Construction by Mello-D” music project! We will be updating this video- with more images and live clips- on a regular basis. Subscribe to our email list to get notified when the video is updated and check back often to view the latest version. 

PARENTING MAGAZINE called it “cool enough to appeal to tweens, clean enough to win a parent’s okay”

DOWNLOAD THE AWARD-WINNING MUSIC NOW from your favorite music store, to your computer, tablet or music player by clicking the links below

iTunes  Amazon  CD Baby (CD’s also available there)

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We’ve all been there. You are going about your daily routine, minding your own business, and SURPRISE!- out of nowhere- comes a distraction or unexpected situation. This is the premise behind a new song by Mello-D, titled “They All Come Out for Halloween”. A new just-released video was created with youth and their families in the town of Armada, Mich., which can be viewed here, below.


That song and many others will be performed at a fundraising event for the new “Youth Under Construction- Lyric Power Anti-Bully” Program. Here are the details:

Mello-D Friends & Fiends- “They All Come Out for Halloween & Youth!” Wed., Oct. 24, 8:30-10:30 pm @ O’Mara’s Restaurant, 2555 12 Mile Rd. in Berkley (12 Mile & Coolidge). COVER: $10 Adults, $5 youth under 12 yrs.


This is a fundraiser for Pages to Stages, a 501(c) 3 org. that promotes positive youth programs. Proceeds will benefit the presentation of an anti-bullying program in a local elementary school. SPREAD THE WORD AND SEE YOU THERE!! For more info call 248-545-4411.


Just posted, the views for this video are climbing quickly. Please share this with your family and friends:

TO PURCHASE THE SONG (via Secure Server)

iTunes: iTunes.com

CD Baby: cdbaby.com

Amazon: Amazon.com


To Learn More About “They All Come Out For Halloween:

Click to read the article: http://www.free-press-release.com

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The Case for Positive Music Lyrics

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By David “Mello-D” Sawicki, Youth Under Construction

“Kids Deserve a Better Rap.” This is a slogan and one of the main purposes of the music and dance group that I direct and produce, called Mello-D’s “Youth Under Construction” (MDYUC). Prior to the start of a concert on Belle Isle this past July
1st, new member Erielle J. Bell read her opinion on rap lyrics, and I would like to share it with you:

“I think kids deserve a better rap because some of the lyrics in today’s songs are inappropriate for children. Rap music is okay if it has no cursing. Most of the videos go right along with the songs. They have nasty images and the dancers dance in a disrespectful way. The songs and videos do not teach children any good lessons, and the rappers are not very good role models. Also, I think they do not educate youths to become better people. That’s why kids deserve a better rap!”

Arielle Bell Performing with Youth Under Construction.

For those not familiar with MDYUC, it is important that we set the record straight. Our policy is to never force or tell anyone what they should watch or listen to. One of our songs, called “Opinions (I’ve Got Mine)” features these lyrics: “If you don’t judge me, I won’t judge yougive me constructive feedback from a positive view”. So to single out rappers and say they are bad would be inconsistent with our positive message. Our CD’s title track assumes that youth “know the difference between right and wrong” and we believe they do. However, knowing and acting out are two different things.

So many young people get caught up in the infectious or tantalizing beat of a song and excuse the lyrical content, saying,

“I don’t listen to the words, I just like the beat!” Yet I’ve watched them mouth the words as they listen to the beat and they can recite every single lyric on a track. How is this possible? It’s simple: our minds are very powerful.

The memory does not judge what it takes in. The most powerful computers in the world today still cannot compete with the human brain. So what goes into our memory DOES affect us and stays with us. Have you ever heard a song that you just could not get out of your head?

On the MDYUC website, www. youngpop.org, we asked that question as a survey-poll, and almost all of the 300 voters answered “YES!” (at least sometimes). The power of music and video should NEVER be taken for granted.

The key word here is BALANCE. If you load up your memory with expressions and images of negativity and hurtful thoughts, you will feel weighed down by all of that. People can feel depressed after repeated exposure to hopeless situations or violence. Why not research, seek out and support entertainment that will build you and others up. Write
your own positive expressions down, whether poetry, a letter to someone, or a simple journal- writing notes to yourself.

Sure, say what you mean, and why not keep it real AND clean! Why not be CREATIVE and work to flip the script on the negativity and re-frame a bad situation. Yes, it can be work sometimes to do this. Life has its bad twists and turns. Still,
haven’t we heard enough about who did who wrong? Or listening to someone so angry and going on and on about how they want to kill someone? Give it a break- we ALL deserve better…


Youth Under Construction will be enrolling for Fall Courses shortly.

Read our list of positive choice recommendations, updated regularly on the website, www.youngpop.
For more informationon MDYUC call

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