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NEW Youth Under Construction SCHOOLS PROGRAM Now Launching!


DYNAMIC CHARACTER EDUCATION designed for students ages 7-13 (grades 3-8) offered at no-cost to 10 schools in the fall of 2015

What do you get when you combine the best of pop-culture and character education in a program whose components have won 5 National Top-Level Awards and created positive behavioral transformation in hundreds of youth?

It’s the “Youth Under Construction SCHOOLS PROGRAM”…

This “Musical Character Education Program” initiative (20 yrs. in development) engages the entire student body, in and out of school. We are seeking 10 schools- on a first-come basis- to pilot the program this fall. The program (valued at $2,500 per school) will be offered at no cost to them.


This Infographic demonstrates the dynamic components include with the program

This Infographic demonstrates the 8 dynamic components include with the program


This is THE ONLY program that uses the Award-Winning music, video & curriculum of the “Youth Under Construction” project. Students that experience the program:

• Enjoyed it and expressed that it “opened their eyes” and raised their self-awareness about issues that include respect & resilience (bullying), self-discipline, empathy and more.

• Shared that it inspired them to resist committing acts of violence and gang activity.


If your school, or one you know of could be a prospect for this opportunity, email us via the link below, or call 619-732-6639.

Email: Click here to E-mail us

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